CPS/Autonomous Systems Reading Seminar

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

CS591CAS is the weekly research reading seminar on Cyber-Physical & Autonomous Systems. We select contemporary papers of interest and students lead discussions of them each week.

To suggest a paper, open an issue on the Github page. We'll close the issue when we schedule the paper.
We have a slack channel for discussions on autonomous systems within the sysnet workspace.

Also, if you are interested in more general systems and networking and want to learn about cutting-edge research, do check out the systems seminar as well.


For the Fall 2019 term, Reading Group meets on Wednesdays, 4:00pm - 4:50pm in Siebel Center 3405.

Date Paper Slides Speaker
8/28/2019 No Seminar as Sibin is Travelling
9/04/2019 ML-Based Fault Injection for Autonomous Vehicles: A Case for Bayesian Fault Injection Slides Kyo Kim
9/11/2019 1)Adversarial examples that fool detectors
2)Standard detectors aren’t (currently) fooled by physical adversarial stop signs
Slides Saurabh Jha
9/18/2019 1)Autonomous Driving System based on Deep Q Learning
2)Driverless Car: Autonomous Driving Using Deep Reinforcement Learning in Urban Environment
Slides Yen-Chieh Sung
9/25/2019 1)uavEE: A Modular, Power-Aware Emulation Environment for Rapid Prototyping and Testing of UAVs
2)Flight Testing Automation to Parameterize Unmanned Aircraft Dynamics
3)Trajectory Estimation for Geo-Fencing Applications on Small-Size Fixed-Wing UAVs
Slides Simon Yu
10/02/2019 Wireless Attacks on Aircraft Instrument Landing Systems Slides Ashish Kashinath
10/09/2019 YOLACT: Real-time Instance Segmentation Slides Sam Cheng
10/16/2019 Seminar Cancelled due to Low Turnout (moved to 10/30) Fei Ling
10/23/2019 No Seminar as Sibin is Travelling, CPSWeek Deadline
10/30/2019 Detection of Occluded Road Signs on Autonomous Driving Vehicles Slides Fei Ling
11/06/2019 Protecting Actuators in Real-Time Cyber-Physical Systems from Control Spoofing Attacks Slides Monowar Hasan
11/13/2019 Scenic: A Language for Scenario Specification and Scene Generation Saurabh Jha
11/27/2019 FALL BREAK

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